Sunday, March 21, 2010

I HaTe YoU?

Today, my throat still hurts.. I'm still coughing with excessive.. feeling stress sometimes.. although yesterday I was so happy to watch the movie 'how to train a dragon' in 3D for the second time with hayat family.. its totally awesome! :)

and why 'i hate u?'.. i mean why i use that word? hihi.. well, i HATE to hate ppl.. i mean, i dunno how to hate people around me.. and for sure i always mess with that.. i always forgive what i don't.. hahaha..
but sometimes i hate the people that i love.. people that i really2 love...  even for a wile.. uhu  T________T
i m very not so sure what happen to me.. im dizzy, bz and LAZY doh! damn.. itss sooooo pathetic okep XD

so here i explain,
Why I HaTe You?? For a little time?

 I hate you... when u not recognize your mistake and keep on asking
:- u have to know why im moody .. atleast, say sorry...

 I hate you... when u break the rule
:- please dont ever keep any secret! it was so terrible lame
 I hate you... when u dont say sorry
:- even its not ur mistake? but u have to say sorry like i always do.. fix it ok!   
 I hate You... when u attractive with things
:- i mean, when im talking.. please listen.. i hate to talk with the wall! LMAO
I hate You... when u said u cant talk to me on the phone
:- atleast dear, gimme a reason 1st before u talk like a shit! idiot!

I hate You.. laugh like i know what's all about?
:- this is terrible.. i always out of ur mind so please tell me first lol!

I hate You.. when u wont told me if u had any trouble!
:- this is so lame.. please tell me baby.. i always can hear it.. ding dong!
I hate You.. when u have to leave me..
:-  i know, but please make me feel quiet to let u go  ^^

I hate you... when u always being sweet to me
:- yuh.. i love the way u talking.. but please dont act like a gay! hihi

I hate you... when u remind me to always by ur site
:- dont remind me again n again.. believe it, i always yours :)

I hate you... when u said i always forget u
:- because i always love and miss u so much

but the truth is.. when im in love.. i always in LOVE mode
but, once i get mess with my heart.. no one know whats in my head


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